forthcoming seminar

We have been around along with you for over 25 years to enhance professionalism in the field of Security, Safety, and Loss Prevention.With Digitisation Drive of Indian Economy under the Vision of Hon'ble Prime Minister of India,Shri Narendra Modi, We at IISSM invite you to join us and deliberate upon the Challenges for Private Security Services in a "Digitised Business Environment" and carve the way -forward; while ensuring the Security and Safety of National Economic Assets.And we look for Entrepreneurs & Business Enterprises to be our partners in the IISSM Global Conclave 2017.
We would provide you : -

  • Thoughts of highest level of National Decision Making (the concerned union ministers of Govt of India).
  • A stage to present your view point.
  • A platform to Display your Products and Present the same.
  • Patronage of largest congregation of Security Business Enterprises.
  • Presentations of bests of experts in the field of Security, Safety, Fire and Loss Prevention.

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