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Baggage Screening & Image Interpretation


This training program mainly comprise of two variations, Class Room Model & on Line Self Learning Model. It is a CAT (Computer Assisted/ Aided Training) with the help of a Simulator. This being a Three/ Five Days Orientation Programme, the following useful topics will be covered. Relevance of access control in context of X-BIS, Overview of X-Ray machine & its functions, Major components of a basic X-ray machine, Introduction to Control Panel & its various Controls, Safety features built in the machine, Safety precautions to be followed by X-ray machine operator, Placement of items on the Conveyor Belt, Basics of Interpretation using density, chemical composition and colour coding, How to identify the dangerous items as well as dangerous items in disguise from X-Ray image, Identification of Hazardous / Prohibited items, Baggage categorization based on X-ray interpretation, IED, its components and the technique to identify them and Familiarization of daily use items with Actual Photographs and their respective X- Ray images.

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